3 Steps To Combatting Idea Inertia

Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything. Many would argue the inherent value of ideas. Personally, I believe ideas in and of themselves are worthless. An average idea with even the tiniest first step taken is immeasurably more valuable than a phenomenal idea coupled with zero action. Derek Sivers, entrepreneur and all-round smart human, has expressed […]

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My employees are

Don’t Hire Staff – Rent Them

The toughest part of running Cerebra has been finding, hiring, losing and firing employees. While client wins and losses and the ups and downs in between are emotional rollercoasters in their own right, nothing affects me as deeply as the highs and lows of staff relationships. It’s one thing I haven’t come close to getting […]

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The Real Secret To Business Success

It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You should never judge a book by its cover. But clothes make the man (or woman)? Winners never quit. But you should also quit while you’re ahead. The English language is peppered with contradictory idioms. Almost every go-to adage has a rational, […]

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Meeting at Cerebra

Meetings Suck. Fix Them With 6 Easy Steps.

“I hate meetings.” The most frequently spoken words at Cerebra. Closely followed by “Let’s have a meeting.” Meetings are widely considered an abominable waste of time. And yet, we still have them. We still have them because despite all the wondrous technology at our fingertips we haven’t (yet) developed a comparable replacement for real human […]

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Still from Saving Private Ryan

It’s Not Personal. It’s Business.

In Saving Private Ryan there is a beautiful scene set inside an abandoned church that Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) and his squad seek refuge in over night. In it, Captain Miller and Sergeant Horvath (Tom Sizemore) discuss how many men died under Miller’s command: Captain Miller: You see, when… when you end up killing one of […]

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A shot of the Cerebra office

5 Things I Learned When I Lost My Desk

I haven’t had a desk at Cerebra for just over 5 months now. Cerebra’s offices have a very open plan design to start with and Craig and I deliberately resisted the temptation of closed off offices (more about that here). I had, without much intention, occupied a desk in the far corner of the office behind the […]

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Cerebra [Plain Vertical White on Grey] Low Res

The Customer Always Comes Second

“The shoemaker’s children are poorly shod.” One of the toughest and arguably most important lessons of the entrepreneurial journey – especially for those of us running agency businesses – is prioritising the needs of our own companies over those of our clients. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had friends who run […]

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New Project: fitCal

When Anna registered us for the Knysna half marathon early in 2013 I had no idea just how much of an obsession running would become for me. I’m not alone though – it seems my Twitter timeline and Facebook newsfeed are peppered daily with stories of people getting off the couch and into a pair […]

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