The Future Of Media: “The Sandton Debates” – Get A Free Ticket!

The kind folks at the Future Group have invited me to contribute to a panel discussion about social media at The Future of Media Sandton Debates to be held at the Sandton Sun Hotel on 19 July, 2012.

I’ll be joined on the panel by none other than Justin Spratt (CEO, Quirk), Brent Shahim (MD, Aqua Online) and RJ van Spaandonk (Director, The Core Group). The other panels will address the future of television, print, radio, magazines and out of home, with top notch speakers in each category.

I have a complimentary ticket to the value of R1950 to give away and thought I’d open it up to you to decide who gets it. Simply nominate who you think deserves it most, with a brief reason why, pop your nomination in the comments section below the post and I’ll award the ticket to the best nomination at the end of June.

More info about the conference here.


  • Fareedmoh

    Our New Media Director; Katie Taylor. She’s a quiet force to be reckoned with in the SM space although she won’t admit it.

  • Adam

    Not to sound selfish, but I’d like to nominate me…I’ve been working a ton of late nights and weekends and I’d love to have an excuse to get out of the office and be exposed to some new ideas. If it makes me sound less selfish, I’d nominate me even if I wasn’t me. I’m a pretty nice guy. And usually quite modest when not being tempted with a free ticket to The Future of Media: “Sandton Debates” event.

  • Brad

    I’m gonna have to say myself, I’d love to nominate someone else but, I’m the marketing guy out of my mates so… 

    As a marketing student, well one week left, last exam of my degree next week. My education, career and passion are all affected and even revolve around social media and marketing.

    I’m a huge Mike Stopforth fan, to the point of a role model career wise, and Justin Spratt for his views on social media.

    Attending the conference would not only result in a ‘Nerdgasm’ but also a great learning opportunity, and meeting a lot of the people I follow online due to their different perceptions to what exactly social media is.

    Well guess it’s up to everyone else, but there’s my nomination ;-p

    Thanks, have an awesome afternoon…

  • I would nominate Tshepo, a budding social media entrepreneur who’s building a startup here >

    Well. . . . it would help him and his small creative agency build a working business model based on the discussions there and what predictions there are. 
    I believe it would go a long way in changing the web status quo in SA if there were entrepreneurs building businesses in that space.
    Of course, as your very last choice – I’d nominate myself.

    • Mike

      You are the winner Mongezi! Thanks for your comment and nomination, I’ll get in touch with you via mail to arrange the ticket for Tshepo.

  • The conference really good to share ideas about new future. When we ‘bored’ enough of all things, we will find a new one. Really competitive. Even new heard of new ideas actually the implemented one. Patented.

  • Lorraine

    ME. ME. ME. 

    I will be honest.

    I don’t follow anyone.  I want to go, but am too cheapskate to afford the ticket.

    That’s it!

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What Clients Say...

Mike was the keynote speaker at the 2015 Discovery IT Conference. Without exception, the delegates were highly complimentary of his presentation style and his insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with the era of social business and digital transformation.

His views are highly recommended to all businesses (new and old alike).

I saw Mike speak at 3rd Annual Discovery IT Conference.

I watched Mike speak at an IMCConference on social media for business. Mike is an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to, his energy is addictive and he has the experience to back up his success. I’d happily attend another event to see Mike speak again.

I saw Mike speak at IMCC.

Mike is an informed and entertaining speaker on the topic of Social Media. Through his interactive approach and personal experiences he gets a clear message across as to the nature of social media and how it affects you and your business. The session was an hour well spent.

I saw Mike speak at EOH CIO function.