27dinner Jozi “Guitar Hero World Tour Edition” Report Back

I knew last night’s 27dinner in Jozi could only have had one of two outcomes. Being the first dinner to enjoy full brand sponsorship (more on that later) there was a risk of it being too commercial and boring, even prescriptive. I knew I didn’t want that. On the other hand, it had the potential to be a lot of fun.

As people heard that Microsoft had signed up as sponsor for the evening and that we would be having a Guitar Hero World Tour Edition tournament, registrations sped up, the word spread and I got a sense that we were going to have a good time.

And we did. In fact I laughed so much last night I woke up sans vocals this morning. I cannot express enough my gratitude to the individuals and bands who threw away their dignity last night in the interest of entertaining the rest of us. Just check out what’s being said on Twitter…

Kath Roderick from Microsoft entertained us with her distinctly non-Microsoft approach, and I think handled questions and comments from the audience really well. She’s a star and I want to thank her again for her willingness to face the 27music.

And finally a big thank you to those of you complaining about niggly little things last night, for reminding me how much cooler I am than you :)

  • NIc Callegari

    Last night was an absolute JOL. World Tour – my new favourite game…ever…

  • Justin Hartman

    And finally a big thank you to those of you complaining about niggly little things last night, for reminding me how much cooler I am than you :)

    I like ;)

  • Stii

    Mike, everyone knows you’re much cooler than them already! ;-) We just don’t like telling you since we’re worried about your neck mate…

  • Nic

    The HoverCocks were robbed…

  • had an absolute blast! thanks for a great event! dignity lost forever! lol

  • Hey, I missed the fun. Thankfully for you all – except those who would have had earplugs handy.

    Oh well, Cool Mike, I’ll have to start practising now for the next one.

  • Don

    I don’t see where the ‘throwing away your dignity’ part fits in. We rocked out, ‘cos we rock. That’s just how we roll. We walked in with heads held high and walked out with heads held even higher, ‘cos we rocked.

    Hovercocks were the real champs, even Christof was stripped from his title because you knew we were the ultimate champions and didn’t want it to go to our heads. But that’s ok. We know who the real rockstars are.

    Hovercocks for life!

  • Last night was hilarious, embarrassing, but most of all; fun!

    Well done for another Rocking 27Dinner! We’ll be needing a bigger venue soon at this rate…

  • Oh my soul. I am insanely jealous of the Hoburg nerdies! I wanted to be there so bad.

    Hovercocks? WTF? I’m giggling like a girl here man!

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