Inspired By Quirk, It’s Time To Announce…

…my book. But let me first tell you why.

Quirk eMarketing have once again firmly established themselves as our country’s leading eMarketing authority with the release of their textbook eMarketing: The essential guide to online marketing. From their blog:

eMarketing is a 300 page textbook aimed at tertiary education students, business owners and marketers who want to get ahead in online marketing. It has everything from the facts to case studies and study questions around each eMarketing tactic. We had a huge amount of help from the awesome chaps at UCT who helped us make sure that it was academically suitable – not a straight forward achievement.

I downloaded the book for free (it’s available as such under a Creative Commons license) thinking I knew everything and would likely, at best, pass it on as a resource to a few clients. Sheesh, I got hooked and haven’t been able to stop reading it. It’s really, really phenomenal.

Without wanting to sound gushy, this is not just a big achievement for a cool company in Cape Town, this is a testimony to the exceptional talent and ingenuity in our industry. It’s not world class, it’s world beating.

Which leads me to an announcement I shouldn’t make. I shouldn’t make it because I procrastinate terribly. I’ve had registered for ages now in anticipation of releasing a free eBook on the impact of the new Internet on marketing (though it was never going to be a publication of the volume and quality of eMarketing), but I never get around to writing it. It’s all in my head (and probably all on this blog), but I need to knuckle down.

So thanks to Rob and team I’ve been all inspired to finish my damn book, and the best way to do that is with a deadline. Sparketing will be released (finished or not) on 1 November, 2008.


  • Mike thanks for the kind words and I think your idea to write a book is an excellent one. I’ve long admired your cunning ideas and enticing writing style so I’m sure I’ll love the book.

    Two things I can tell you from experience: Putting together a book will be MUCH harder than you think, but having the printed copy in your hands is far more satisfying than you could ever imagine.

    Good luck!

  • Good luck dude, not an easy task I’m sure.

  • Jeez I can believe it Rob. But I would’ve said that building a company was impossible a few years ago and I guess it happens before you know it, providing you actually do something :P

    It’s like eating an elephant. One bite at a time…

  • Roger Saner

    Nice! Soon it’ll be “Stopforth – Mac Geek, Photographer and Author” :)

  • Cool looking forward to seeing the site when it’s done..

    Good work at @Mike and @ Rob also grabbed a copy of your book, good work guys..

  • A tough challenge for anyone in the space right now. Time is definitely the scarcest commodity for most of us nowadays :)

    Nice to see more books coming from the local community. It’s been a very long while since Ian Gilfillan ( released his MySQL book (don’t know of anyone else till Quirk) and based on his time lines (April through November) I think you have your work cut out for you Mike!

  • Love how the bars are being raised by some and lowered by other. Great going stopforth :)

  • Nice one Mike, I look forward to 1 Nov (:

  • Good luck Mike; I’m looking forward to reading it.

  • Dimitrio

    I am really looking forward to the book, just what (wannebe?) up and coming Web2.0 entrepreneurs like me need!

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What Clients Say...

Mike did an outstanding presentation to the Discovery team on social media and its powerful and pervasive impact on society today. He provided a framework for companies like ours to think about social media as well as some practical tips and tools. Mike’s conversational style and humour went down brilliantly!

I saw Mike speak at Discovery Digital Thought Leadership Conference.

Every time I hear Mike present, I am in awe of his presence and ability to hold the audience. He is able to take technical topics and make them seem so simple and obvious. With Mike, it never feels like you are being presented to…rather, you leave the room feeling as though he has merely confirmed your own thoughts (which you never actually had).

I saw Mike speak at CP Offices by Invitation.

I’ve known Mike Stopforth for the past decade and on a dozen occasions or more he’s addressed various events my company hosts in the media and brand communications space. In a sea of mediocre speakers, Mike is one of a kind. His subject knowledge is encyclopaedic relevant and cutting edge, he adds huge value to the digital and social media debate.

I saw Mike speak at Future of Media conferences.