SA Bloggers, Let’s Do Something

The horror of the last few day’s xenophobic violence in Johannesburg has left us all feeling shocked and hopeless. The danger here is that it’s very easy for us (and I’m speaking to the predominantly wealthy and white audience that reads this blog and makes up SA’s blogging fraternity) to remove ourselves from the situation because we think it doesn’t impact us directly.

It’s not us white folks who are being looted, kicked out of our homes and being burnt alive. We live in absolute comfort while next door in Alexandra a war is breaking out. We say things like, “shame, poor foreigners”, but we’re very good at feeling pity and very bad at acting. And I’m the worst of the lot. Then this morning one of my colleagues, Lisa, looked up from her Mac and said to us, “we must do something”. I heard two voices in my head instantly. Fortunately, I’m listening to the positive one.

It’s on that note that I’d like to encourage you, my fellow bloggers and business people, to join me in doing something about it. We know we have the collective influence to make a big noise about very little, but can we prove that we can also make a difference for good? We can start small and if this has legs, I’ll take it up the next level with big media and NGO’s nationwide.

What can you do? Firstly, spread the word – let’s get as many people as possible thinking and talking about small (or large if you can) donations of food, clothing, blankets, etc. Pull old clothes out your cupboards, grab old towels and sheets – if you’re anything like me you have stacks of stuff lying around you don’t need / use.

I heard on 702 earlier that a collection station (for food that does not need to be cooked, baby products, clothing, blankets etc.) has been set up on Maude Str opposite the Village Walk shopping center in Sandton. Run a collection drive at your office! Convince your CSI officers this is what they need to be investing in! Let’s do something. There’s also a list set up on the 702 with numbers of organisations and individuals doing something about the crisis.

Thanks guys – let’s make a difference for good.

  • Agree 100% Mike! Great post…

  • Nic

    Hey Mike,

    Just got this on email:

    Social Movements Indaba marching with immigrant and refugee groups Saturday – Marks Park at 09h00

    Contact: Claire 082 332 9874

  • carls

    awesome idea mike!!! we’re also collecting at our offices and taking stuff direct to the red cross offices in Braamfontein
    Thanks for writing this post!

  • very nice mike, it’s good to see that the issue is not being ignored. i’m quite keen to help to please let me know how i can. great post again

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  • Roger Saner

    2 of my friends went and met with Zimbabwean refugees on the streets of Pretoria. They’ve got to know them and are friends with them. That’s a start! I wonder if us South Africans will be brave enough to open up our houses to refugees…even if just for a while.

  • Deshanta

    There will be a march to support immigrants and protest against xenophobia.

    Date: Saturday 24 May
    Time: 9am
    Place: Pieter Roos Park on Empire Road, cnr Queen Street, Parktown – near Clarendon Circle, Hillbrow

    Bring placards, banners, friends!

    Follow the link below for more details

  • We already have a donation drive running at

    Please assist if possible

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  • Donations are wonderful. Dropping it off at central collection points even better. But the best is to sweep at your own door.

    Our community has three police stations servicing them: Yeoville, Cleveland and Jeppe – and that’s where we target.

    Cleveland with 1 000 souls got a bakkie full from us; Jeppe, where the number has swelled to nearly 3 000 sleeping outside, got four bakkie loads and we organised a makeshift kitchen with gas burners and big pots for them.

    No, you don’t have to go cook or butter samies – but you can help by just popping into your local station and handing over your blanket and warm clothes. You’ll soon learn the hard way what their needs are. We did…

  • Vincent

    Please check out this page;

    We are in contact with a number of people hoping to march, donate and raise their voices against this spat of violent injustice..

    A simple thought to ponder; who carved these territories that we found our fellow South Africans now drawing blood for? I fear that that their fight is hinged upon a shaky frame of reference…and is more a manifest of their feeling of angst in a world which has left them behind…

  • You bastards are no better than the perpetrators of Apartheid. You are no better than the animals that did this to our people during the dark days of Apartheid. You are no better than Craig Williamson. No better than Ferdi Barnard. You are Eugene de Kock.

    You spit on our people who died at Sharpeville. You spit on the killing of the Guguleto 7. You spit on the deaths at the Bisho Massacre. You spit on the 27 years Madiba spent in jail for people like you. You spit on the murder of Biko. You spit on the memories of Braam Fischer. The memory of each and every South African who died and suffered for you to have freedom. Every mother. Every father. Every wife. Every husband. Every sisters. Every brother. Every child. You spit on their suffering.

    No. You are not just as bad as those perpetrators of Apartheid. You are worse. Because you should know better. This has happened to you. How could you? How the hell could you? You stupid barbaric bastards. You are killing a dream. Our dream.

  • Hi All,

    I have been working rather solidly today trying to get a portal/tool online so we in a position to do something about this. It is based on a mashup between Google Maps and CGM . The idea is to provide a forum where we, as Africans, can share what is happening in our areas. This in-tern will better assist aid agency and individuals to know where to send any help/resources which they can offer.

    What I would like from you guys is simply to help me with this colab – currently it has been done entirely by Africans living all around the world and is a trend I would like maintain. If you guys could simply build as much hype etc around it and get the mainstream guys talking then everything else will work itself out.

    One other thing we are looking for is a cellular partner to make this more accessible to those who are truly effected – anybody got any ideas? (If you have a short code the system can piggyback on please let me know)

    if you have any questions or comments please email me : tim . shier [insert the @] gmail . com

    Hope to chat soon,


    Ps: as soon as the site is live – hopefully later this AM – I will send the url around…

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  • Fumane Diseko

    MANY areas have been affected by xenophobic violence, including Alexandra, Diepsloot, Germiston, Primrose, Reiger Park, Kya Sand, Honeydew, Mamelodi, Olievenhoutsbosch and Springs.

    There are over 1 500 stranded foreigners squatting at the Cleveland Police Station. Social workers in Cleveland near the Johannesburg CBD have told 702 Eyewitness News that women who’ve fled xenophobic clashes are struggling to deal with disease and other medical problems. The situation is dire and help is needed urgently.


    * Blankets
    * Clothes for babies and small children
    * Warm clothes for adults (some have been wearing the same clothes for more than 5 days now)
    * Baby formula, baby food and disposable nappies
    * Food – bread, canned goods, soup, and hardy fruit such as apples, pears and oranges
    * Toiletries


    Rhema: Alan (011 796 4069)
    Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of Lenasia South: Roy
    (082 892 1814)
    Gift of the Givers: Dr Imtiaz Sooliman ( 011 832 1546 / 083 667 7179)
    Red Cross Drop off centre:
    41 De Korte Str,
    Sable Building
    16th Floor
    Att: Banda
    Central Methodist Church: (011 333 5926/ 082 600
    Personal George 082 565 9405
    Personal Cyril 082 958 6354
    All Nation International Ministry (084 285 3335)
    Chubby Chums (011 825 7773)

  • Simone

    Does any one know of collection points in Cape Town where people can drop stuff off?

  • Simone

    Answering my own question but thought I’d post this info. in case others want to know.

    Collection points in Cape Town:

    Rondebosch United Church (in Belmont Road near the Riverside Centre) needs blankets, food and mattresses.

    Alternatively: any civic centre in the city.

  • Vincent

    If you want to show your support to the cause; and to link visitors to your site to a page full of info on how they can help please add the following code :

    help now

  • is up and running, please add your data or information for any organisation which you know of and I will get it live asap.

    Lets pool our collective resources and make this collaboration work!

  • Teboho Twala jnr

    This is a national crisis, we are one people one decendent and killing each won’t help us, we fought Aparh-heid now why let us not enjoy our freedom with our fellow borthers and sisters so please let us stop the killing it is now worthless.

  • i think this is not right because they are our bro & sisters, we should no treat them like this we fought aparheid now we should not fight our selves because they are human beings and they are proudly Africans, and please let us fight against this its not right its very painfull, imagine if the same would be done to you…

  • what i will like to say firstly is that in 1975 there was war going around south africa our grandparents suffered 4 us MANDELA fought 4 us people didnt like what was happening but now they r doing that 2 black people like them this has to stop these people must reflect on the past and think of what is doing to our fellow brothers and sisters our fellow mothers and fathers this has to stop and soon i dnt like it my sister doesnt like it, my parents dont like it, even my 4 brothers dnt like it think of how many souls ur hurting this is stupid please its irritating. STOP STOP STOP in JESUS name

    • Is that really all there is to it because that’d be falebbrgasting.

  • We have come a long way to reach were we are, so it wil be a shame to all of us to destroy what we have built, what we are doing to our brothers and sisters is not right, we have to understand that we are 1 african family and we need to help each others lifes. so i beg you bafwethu lets fight this xenophobic habit and live together to reach destinations….


  • i just like to say i want this xenophobia thing to end let us get together and stop it cuz at the end of da day we r 1

  • Nomsa Zimu

    i just like to tell everyone out there to surpport us in the campain of stoping xenophobia ,its unfare we are all africans does that mean we wont visit our fellow african brothers and sisters because were afraid of getting killed stop xenophobia

  • Celeena Morake

    As a christian i am against xenophobia,God said in His word that the earth is His and its fullness thereof. This people are made with the image of God.So guys let us treat them as humanbeings, they are our brothers and sisters.” Motho ke motho ka batho


  • Thanks for all your comments guys. Glad to hear that the vast majority of us are being proactive about combatting these social injustices.

  • Its amazing what a word of mouth can do this stated as a one man mission but it has spread to Mike and the guys we are more than glad to assist in a good cause thank you for the initiative…

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  • AdveldVep

    I should email you about this.

  • tony ross

    nice blog.

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