Facebook Introduces Chat – I’m Using Facebook Again

I’d noticed that I’d become progressively less and less interested in Facebook over the last month or two. A bit like LinkedIn – which I discovered, indulged in, enjoyed, and then subsequently forgot, Facebook had somewhat lost it’s luster. From being the first thing I checked the first moment I got online, I was going whole days (gasp!) sans FB.

And then yesterday they introduced chat. I knew it was coming, and that it had been in a closed Beta for some time, but it arrived as a pleasant surprise when I logged on. Facebook chat is simple, offering users the opportunity to chat with their Facebook friends who are online from within their browser. From my limited experience of it yesterday, it’s pretty quick, reliable and bottom line, has me using Facebook again.

Stiaan has written an insightful post highlighting that he doesn’t necessarily think that Facebook chat is trying to compete with GTalk / Skype so much as add a completely new dimension to it’s already potent social networking offering. I have to agree, but add that it is a significant new dimension. Significant enough to grab my attention all over again.

Stii also mentioned that Vincent Maher said to him on FB chat that “this changes everything” – I’d like to hear more from Vince about that.

What do you think of Facebook chat?

  • Going to be very interesting, wonder if it will have a impact on the % of IT dpts blocking (or trying to block) facebook

  • I have to agree with AndreSC, the are prob blocking it all over again.But getting back to FB Chat, I also found it very innovating and is better than to, everytime private msg a fellow friend on facebook, going through all that hassle just to speak privately with someone.Now you can comfortably do it from your browser.

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  • Awesome new application. About time.

  • I agree with you about the novelty wearing off after initial interest. The only thing I go on for really is when I get a demanding email saying it’s my move in Scrabulous :)

    I’m not sure whether Chat will change that tho’. Remains to be seen.

  • I think it’s evil, I go on Facebook so I don’t have to make small talk with random people like I do with MSN. Actually just going to delete my account, gets annoying having 5 people trying to talk to you.

  • the other thing to watch will be performance – Facebook have had their share of scalability woes in the past, now, once millions of nafi dead-end office jokeys and bored college students start arbivating over FBChat I wonder if they’ll be able to cope with the server load

  • I don’t know… although it seems stable enough it still has a few kinks to work out. Really should open up in a mini pop up or something as jumping between tabs can sometimes cause a few problems.

    I’ll still to my good ole msn messenger for now. FB is quickly becoming stale.

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