Skyrove Starts A Conversation And Saves Thousands!

Henk Kleynhans (CEO of Skyrove) and I once met for coffee at Sandton City while he was up from Cape Town to talk about our industry, our respective businesses and life in general. We hit it off straight away – he’s a smart, likable guy. Somewhere during our chat, he has since reminded me, I began preaching about the necessity for modern business to join the online conversations it’s stakeholders, customers and employees are having in order to stay savvy, informed and competitive.

The team at Skyrove recently made some significant changes to the login process on their site. Instead of a typical ‘make a change and hope for the best’ company approach, Henk immediately published a blog post offering Skyrove users the opportunity to provide constructive feedback on their experience of the changes. Not only that, but he also rewarded the first 40 commenters on the post with 100 Skyrove credits each. The resultant feedback, to quote Henk, was worth thousands of Rands in more conventional market research, but landed up costing him only R 320! Not only that, but he involved his customers in the process, thereby building community and bringing enthusiasts closer to the brand. Super idea, super results.

Henk said it best in his recent email to me, “the idea is to empower the customer and making sure they know they are empowered. In this way building a much stronger community”.

Three cool lessons we can all learn from Henk’s story:

  1. Don’t start a conversation unless you actually believe your customers have value to add. I’m willing to bet that most industries, sectors and types of business have customers that can offer valuable advice and insights on the products and services they so often use. Too often we get so self-obsessed with our own visions, strategies and missions that we forget how integral a role our users actually play…
  2. Starting a conversation requires direction and motivation. Too many brands have simply started a blog or Facebook group only to shudder at the deluge of negative feedback they receive from customers. Henk offered a reward to his most proactive, constructive customers, and asked a very specific question. Minimise online mess by directing the conversation and rewarding constructive (which is not always positive) feedback.
  3. Starting a conversation requires involvement and action. It’s no use asking a question, receiving an answer and then doing nothing about it. Henk responded to individual commenters, acknowledging their contribution as soon as possible. Conversations with customers do not always need to be submissive. The customer is king, but is not always right. Customers will respect you if you can correct their error based on your confidence in and knowledge of your product / service. Also, Henk actually implemented the suggested changes as soon as possible, so that customers could see the results of their participation immediately.

Thanks for the story Henk – I hope you inspire more businesses out there to genuinely listen to, engage and even catalyse customer conversations online.

  • Very cool! I’ve met Henk once or twice and he’s a great bloke indeed :)

  • Wow Mike, hats off to both you and Henk. I know Henk personally and all I can say is that he brings value to both personal and business relationships.

    I have gained some insight from your comments in interacting with him, and will definately pass on the knowledge..

    Well done to both of you for the valuable information you pass along.


    Shana Kassiem
    CEO: Software Services
    Maxxor Business Solutions

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  • Jannie Kleynhans

    There are quite a few areas of service in this part of the world that could do with some guidance as far as customer service is concerned. And I’m not refering to online service. Not only government but a few banks who always preach that they value the customer and then make you stand in endless queues without anybody to assist you even just to assure you that you are in the right queue and that the end is in sight because they are opening another counter as the teller was on lunch. If they would only listen and ask the right questions. It might be that is why I don’t spend time in answering online questionnaires any more. Well done, Henk! When can we expect the 100 page guideline for customer service? Your novel ideas and and actions should be published. “To build a stronger community!”

What Clients Say...

Thank you for a great presentation at our recent Leadership Conference at Sun City.  Your insight into the very complex topic of social media was obvious and your easy going style delivered a tough message which has caused a suitable amount of discomfort among the team!

I saw Mike speak at Leadership Conference.

I have had the distinct privilege of sharing a stage with Mike on many occasions.

What sets Mike apart is his ability to package content so perfectly that not only do you enjoy listening to him, but you remember what he said months later.

He is smart, funny, handsome, likes long walks on the beach…

I saw Mike speak at Multiple.

Mike’s participation at Tribe Thursday made the event! If you’re looking for a razor-sharp intellect who is not shy to mix it up and really get people thinking then Mike’s the man! Unconventional, outspoken, lateral, and thoroughly entertaining Mike’s speaker debate at Tribe Thursday ensured we had the jagged edge to keep people talking!

I saw Mike speak at Tribe Thursday