Vincent Maher’s Swarming Picture Creation

I have waxed lyrical about Vincent Maher‘s creative ability in the past, but I’m really impressed by the work he’s doing with the Mail & Guardian website now that he’s their full time Web genius.

He forwarded me a link to “The News in Photos” – his latest project at – and it really is a cool take on reporting the news by including citizens in the process and limiting the content to imagery – I like it.

It includes all the 2.0 fuzziness you’d expect – a widget for your site, viral elements, a folksonomy, popularity ranking – very slick. But the absolute bestest part is Vincent’s unashamed copy of Digg’s popular Swarm visualisation tool. It can be found here. It allows you to watch what pictures users are viewing in real time. Pretty cool. Not busy enough right now but it will get there.

Well done dude, and kudos to the MG bosses for being so open-minded. You guys continue to innovate and are firmly establishing yourselves as the go-to news resource for the tech-enabled :)

What Clients Say...

Mike is irritatingly good at public speaking. Irritating because he has an uncanny ability to read the audience and pitch the content and tone at exactly the right level. Irritating because he delivers profound insights in a common-sense manner, and because his wry sense of humour makes each presentation more like a chat with a mate than a lecture.

I saw Mike speak at IMC Conference, Johannesburg 2013.

Mike hosted a very informative social media training workshop for our investment banking spokespeople. His incredible insight into the topic is undoubtedly the best in the country and it is always invaluable to hear from someone who is on top of their game. Thanks Mike for a fantastic session.

I saw Mike speak at Social media training.

Mike was an excellent speaker who added tremendous value to our HR community. The information he provided us was relevant and insightful. He managed to present exceptional content to a very broad and diverse community and kept every audience member engaged.

I saw Mike speak at HR Workshop.