Dear Technorati

First let me say thanks. Thanks for introducing me to the blogosphere, to the power of tagging and for driving hovels of traffic to my humble digital playground. Thanks especially for doing that all for FREE.

Having said that, I have recently found that the reliable service you’ve so generously provided is, um, not working. My blog is not being indexed on your site, indicating that it has been 30+ days since I last posted anything.

I have not changed anything. My settings appear correct. But alas, thou indexeth mine blog not. Sadness. I want to be famous – you’re not helping.

Apparently, I’m not the only WordPress blogger feeling such pain. It seems Darren Rowse got his indexing problem fixed (albeit not entirely to his satisfaction), but that’s because he’s a blogging god. I am pond scum in comparison. Is that why you don’t pay attention or respond to my emails?

So here’s the deal. I don’t want to use your service any more if you aren’t going to charge me for it. I’ve seen the value of your site – NOW I WANT TO PAY. Because I’m assuming that if I pay you $25 a year to guarantee you’ll respond to my support requests and ensure my site is indexed it’s MORE THAN WORTH IT.

Do you hear me? I’m asking you t please accept my money, willingly offered in exchange for your service.

Web 2.0 free stuff sucks. I want to pay.

Fondest regards,

Mike Stopforth

P.S. Haven’t bothered to tag this post.

  • Dennis McDonald

    Mike – At least you don’t have my problem; when I set up my blog I created four eparate “sections” each with a seperate feed — and now Technorati treats them as four separate blogs. My fault, of course, but I have no idea how to fix this in a painless way. How can I demand the ability to “consolidate URL’s” when I’m not paying for the service?
    – Dennis

  • Martin

    Haha, at last someone offers to pay. That’s the spirit :-)

  • GorillaSushi

    Quick fix – you can do a manual ping on the Technorati site…

  • Ian

    I have the same problem – and GorillaSushi, manually pinging doesn’t work either. I’ve seen lots of conflicting reports out there, but I suspect your reason may be that your RSS feed is not on the same domain as the rest of your site – Technorati apparently uses the RSS feed for most of its spidering.

    That’s a guess, and it’s also not my problem, and I’m still not getting indexed, so who knows. I wouldn’t try mess around and change your feeds just because Technorati is bust.

  • AndyHadfield

    Had the same issue on – though not as bad. Usually takes a day, sometimes more to “catch up”. Manual pinging and all. Perhaps use Google Ping as well? (following the Bush theory of if you throw everything at google, something else is going to pick up on it :) )

    On the other hand Darren, 57 million blogs to index is a lot…

  • Mike

    Just let me pay, please.

    57 millions blogs. Let’s say 10% are having the same crappy experience I am. That’s 6 million bloggers needing help. Let’s assume 10% of them feel like I do and would pay $20 a year for reliable listing on Technorati. That’s $12 million instantly. Sounds like a plan.

  • Deon Botha

    What worked for me was an email a day for 60 days. The manual ping doesn’t do a thing, neither does anything else.

    They need to flick some switches, toggle some tags and do some magic on their end and everything then works magic again.

    Good luck. They will answer your email soon-ish.

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I saw Mike speak at Tribe Thursday

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