The Real Secret To Business Success

It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You should never judge a book by its cover. But clothes make the man (or woman)? Winners never quit. But you should also quit while you’re ahead. The English language is peppered with contradictory idioms. Almost every go-to adage has a rational, […]

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Dude Where's My Car

Dude, Where’s Your Car?

Just over two months ago I put my BMW 320d into UberBlack. For those of you who still don’t know how Uber works, check out this useful explainer video from Mashable. I also invested in a company that owns and runs a number of Honda vehicles in UberX. I’ve learned a handful of very interesting things […]

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Internet famous

Why Internet Famous Isn’t Business Smart

Companies are appointing successful Instagrammers, accomplished bloggers, and influential “Twelebs” into significant business decision-making positions. But is this smart? I wish I had coined the term “pseulebrity”. The first time I heard it used was in one of Mike Sharman‘s presentations, and it’s become a staple addition to our conversations about how ordinary people achieve extraordinary fame […]

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To My Son On His 10th Birthday

You turned 10 years old just over a week ago. 10 years old! It’s staggering to think that it’s a decade since you arrived in my life, tiny, defenceless, and utterly precious. Today it seems you are growing faster than we can keep up. Your formidable brain and effervescent personality are constant sources of inspiration. […]

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A shot of the Cerebra office

#AgencyLife – The Big Agency Lie

Let me tell you how advertising agencies work. Agencies, by and large, sell hours. Unless they find a way to productise intellectual property or build a clever piece of proprietary technology, agency businesses scale by adding staff as they add clients. Win a client, hire people. Lose a client, fire people. Agency owners and executives […]

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Meeting at Cerebra

Meetings Suck. Fix Them With 6 Easy Steps.

“I hate meetings.” The most frequently spoken words at Cerebra. Closely followed by “Let’s have a meeting.” Meetings are widely considered an abominable waste of time. And yet, we still have them. We still have them because despite all the wondrous technology at our fingertips we haven’t (yet) developed a comparable replacement for real human […]

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9 Ways To Be A Better Jo’Burger

Johannesburg is home. It has been home my whole life and my love affair with this city means I could not dream of living elsewhere unless forced to. This said, Jozi can be a tough place to live. She has a brooding temper that bubbles under the surface and manifests in epic thunderstorms, pockmarked roads (stress causes acne), and smatterings […]

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