The Measure Of Character In The Information Age

Just over two years ago Don Packett from 21Tanks gave me the opportunity to write a page for their free Do Ideas ebook, a collection of anecdotes and philosophies on how to move from having ideas to doing ideas and a fantastic read that I highly recommend to all my clients, colleagues and friends (despite my relatively […]

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What POPI Means For Social Media Marketers

With Y2K bug-level fervour, murmurs around POPI, the impending Protection of Personal Information Act, pepper board room conversations. In consultation with brands I am asked weekly what this new legislation will mean for marketers and more specifically, for marketers in social media channels. So what is POPI exactly? In 2009 the South African government first tabled […]

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A shot of the Cerebra office

5 Things I Learned When I Lost My Desk

I haven’t had a desk at Cerebra for just over 5 months now. Cerebra’s offices have a very open plan design to start with and Craig and I deliberately resisted the temptation of closed off offices (more about that here). I had, without much intention, occupied a desk in the far corner of the office behind the […]

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Cerebra [Plain Vertical White on Grey] Low Res

The Customer Always Comes Second

“The shoemaker’s children are poorly shod.” One of the toughest and arguably most important lessons of the entrepreneurial journey – especially for those of us running agency businesses – is prioritising the needs of our own companies over those of our clients. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had friends who run […]

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Don’t Ever Use EEZI MOVE Removals

I just bought a new house. This is the third time I’ve moved in five years and they’re right, it’s pretty traumatic at the best of times. This first time I moved I asked for recommendations for a removal company, and EEZI MOVE was suggested. I used them for two successive moves, and my partner […]

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Social media search

4 Sensible Stages For Social Media Strategy

“Social media strategy”. There are a great deal of agency practitioners selling, and corporate clients requesting, social media strategy. It’s a line item on reams of involved proposals and quotations. Type “social me…” into Google and the first autocompleted result is “social media strategy”. Same goes for search results on Slideshare, and when you select […]

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New Project: fitCal

When Anna registered us for the Knysna half marathon early in 2013 I had no idea just how much of an obsession running would become for me. I’m not alone though – it seems my Twitter timeline and Facebook newsfeed are peppered daily with stories of people getting off the couch and into a pair […]

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